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White strawberry facial wash with dense foam for moist, soft and transparent skin

Fine and massive foam removes gently and clearly excess sebum and impurities from the pores. Emollient beeswax gently exfoliates dullness (old keratin).
"Keratin plugs", the cause of blackheads in pores, are a mixture of old keratin and sebum. As the skin becomes dry and hard, it becomes difficult for old keratin to peel off, so beeswax moisturizes the skin, softens it, gently removes the old keratin, and the plant-derived ingredients break down excess sebum. Prevents darkening of pores.
While washing the face, there is no burden of rubbing the skin, and the foam can be easily washed away, leaving the skin refreshed, moist and soft. It leads to a transparent bare skin.

WHITE ICHIGO Organic Tech-Wash <Facial Cleanser> How to use

<How to use> Wet hand and take a generous amount on the palm. Add drops of lukewarm water and foam up generously. Allow the foam to cover the skin for a gentle wash. Use lukewarm water to wash away the foam.

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White strawberry skincare brand with gentle and functional cosmetics to create new exciting experiences from Japanese culture and technologies for our global customers. Focusing on the blessings of nature, we carefully select skin-friendly functional ingredients. No mineral oil, artificial color, artificial aroma, nor paraben. A gentle natural scent of fresh fruity floral.

We manage white strawberry agriculture in an advanced eco-friendly farm. The white strawberry is slightly pink even when ripe, containing polyphenol and vitamin C. 



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