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Enzyme powder wash for the problems of pores and dullness*. Dense, elastic foam adsorbs dirt on pores, excess sebum and old keratin for a clean wash. For moist, soft and bright skin.

  1. Dual enzymes (sebum-degrading enzyme lipase, proteolytic enzyme protease) decompose the causative agent of pore clogging!
    Since the enzymes are activated and inactivated in contact with water, we have developed the powder-type facial wash to make the enzymes work when washing the face.

  2. White strawberry extract, fermented rose honey, and papaya fruit extract are enclosed in red capsules!
    When you wash your face, red capsules are crushed and release those beauty ingredients.
    WHITE ICHIGO (White Strawberry) Powder Tech-Wash Ingredients From the left, white strawberry (skin conditioning), fermented rose honey (supporting exfoliation, made by fermenting rose honey with acetic acid bacteria extracted from peach blossoms), enzyme-rich green papaya extract (working to condition the stratum corneum.)

  3. It is a mildly acidic, hypoallergenic formula with amino acid-based washing ingredients, 
    so it washes the skin to be moist, soft and bright without depriving the skin of the necessary moisture.

  4. Potato starch exerts its adsorptive power
    with its sticky and dense foam. 

Natural origin ingredients 94%
Mineral oil free, synthetic pigment free, synthetic fragrance free, paraben free, ethanol free

WHITE ICHIGO Powder Tech-Wash 40g

*due to dirt and old keratin

<How to use> Shake well before use, take about 1 teaspoon into the palm of your hand, lather well with lukewarm water, and wash your face. Gently and carefully where you are concerned about pores and roughness. Then, wash off with lukewarm water.

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White strawberry skincare brand with gentle and functional cosmetics to create new exciting experiences from Japanese culture and technologies for our global customers. Focusing on the blessings of nature, we carefully select skin-friendly functional ingredients. No mineral oil, artificial color, artificial aroma, nor paraben. A gentle natural scent of fresh fruity floral.

We manage white strawberry agriculture in an advanced eco-friendly farm. The white strawberry is slightly pink even when ripe, containing polyphenol and vitamin C. 


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