Skincare methods to moisturize dry skin

white strawberry lotion

The "skin barrier function" plays an important role in moisturizing the skin. It retains moisture inside the skin and protects it from external stimuli. However, due to factors such as dry air, UV rays, lack of sleep, and stress, the barrier function may weaken, causing the skin to lose moisture and become dry or sensitive to irritation.

skin barrier function

Therefore, we will introduce methods to moisturize dry skin along with recommended cosmetics.

Concentrated pack during sleep for those who are short on time

During your night sleep, pack your skin to prevent evaporation while hydrating.



The plump and transparent white strawberry* gel mask, packing the skin, thoroughly moisturizes every corner of the stratum corneum overnight.

<How to use>
After cleansing at night, you can take care of yourself with this one as an all-in-one product, so it is recommended for those who are short of time. When combined with other items, use at the end of skincare.

<Detailed mechanism>
Because the gel is water-based, it can contain a lot of water-soluble beauty ingredients. However, water is actually difficult to blend into the skin. Therefore, this product is equipped with a technology that creates a protective film to prevent water evaporation while creating a pathway for water and water-soluble beauty ingredients to circulate throughout the stratum corneum using a pumping effect.

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Morning and night care for the skin barrier function

Morning and night, support your skin's barrier function and maintain moisture within, while protecting the skin from external stressors.



Morning and night white strawberry* gel cream that delivers a good balance of water and oil. With a light feeling of use, it spreads well, and melts into the skin. Supports intercellular lipids (ceramides) to protect the skin from external stimuli and lock in beauty ingredients.

<How to use>
Morning and night, after essence and serum, apply over entire face and neck.

For extremely dry skin, layer the ORGANIC SLEEPING MASK over the ORGANIC TECH-CREAM at night for hydrated, bouncy skin.

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Boost penetration** with microemulsion-containing essence

Use an essence with high moisturizing power that helps to enhance penetration** of the subsequent skincare products.



While providing a fresh and watery sensation, this white strawberry* essence contains microemulsion that penetrates deep into the stratum corneum to increase moisture levels. It also has a booster effect that draws in the penetration** of the items you put on later. Its non-alcoholic formula helps to achieve a smooth and refined skin texture without dehydrating the skin.

<How to use>
After washing your face in the morning and night, take a generous amount on a cotton pad and gently slide the cotton pad across the face. Gently pat the skin with the cotton pad and allow the moisture to blend into the skin. Then wrap your skin with either the ORGANIC SLEEPING MASK or the ORGANIC TECH-CREAM .

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Face wash with a high amount of moisturizing and emollient ingredients

Choose a facial wash containing a high amount of moisturizing and emollient ingredients for a moist and soft finish.



Compared to general facial washes, it contains more moisturizing and emollient ingredients such as glycerin and beeswax. The fine, elastic foam removes pore dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin cells. There is no burden of rubbing the skin, and the foam can be washed off easily, leaving the skin refreshed, moist and soft.

<How to use>
Apply to wet palms, lather, gently wash the entire face and rinse off with lukewarm water.

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*skin conditioning ingredient **into the stratum corneum

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