How to grow white strawberries from cultivation to harvest time on a farm

The white strawberry (variety: Tokun), which is the raw material of WHITE ICHIGO cosmetics, is grown at the GRA Farm (Yamamoto Town, Miyagi, Japan) using advanced technology. The farm has acquired GLOBAL G.A.P and conducts production based on GAP for food safety and sustainable agriculture.

strawberry farm

The best temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and CO2 for strawberry cultivation, which the strawberry craftsmen have learned through many years of experience, are centrally and automatically managed on a PC, and the nutrient solution is controlled according to the season, creating a good environment for the plants. White strawberries grown in this environment-controlled and nutrient-controlled house! White strawberries that have been exposed to a lot of sunlight are sweet and juicy!

In this article, we will take a closer look at the growth process of white strawberries on the farm, including planting, blooming, fruiting, and harvesting.

White strawberry planting

Around the house, it's about time for the rice harvest season and the "planting" work is about to begin. It's time to carefully plant the seedlings that have been nurtured into the soft bed. After planting them to allow for easy rooting, they will be carefully managed according to the weather and growth for about two months until they bear fruit. The farm is now getting increasingly tense!

Permanent planting
High-level hydroponics

Employing environment-friendly elevated hydroponics, without using soil that is prone to diseases and pests and continuous cropping failures, the nutrient solution is pumped through pipes into the flaky medium made from crushed coconut shells.

Farm safety management
  • Before planting, place the seedlings in a shaded and sealed environment with high CO2 concentration for 24 hours
  • Release natural enemies
  • Induce the plant's immune function through weak ultraviolet radiation

These techniques aim to reduce pests and chemical pesticides. Specialized researchers are permanently present on site to implement careful safety management.

White strawberries bloom

white strawberry flower

In November, Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture has become cold. Inside the greenhouse, which is a different world from the cold outside, is a flower garden ♬ And at night, the electric lights are a symbol of autumn and winter. It's a wonderful sight that announces the arrival of the strawberry harvesting season. The lighting time, temperature, and humidity are controlled by advanced technology, which is the mechanism for growing delicious strawberries!

strawberry farm at night


Bumblebees fly well even on cloudy days, so even if the weather is overcast, stable pollination can occur, resulting in the harvest of well-shaped, delicious strawberries.
"Tokun" has more flowers than other varieties, and if left to grow on its own, many small fruits will form and the plant will become exhausted. Therefore, flower thinning is carried out.

white strawberry flower

The petals are larger than other varieties and flutter like a lily. The center is already a strawberry! The harvest of this fruit is still about a month away. We cherish even the long-awaited time

White strawberries bear fruit

The white strawberry fruit began to swell

Fruits began to swell

the fruit began to turn color

Fruits began to turn color

White strawberries are fresh and ripe

Fruits became plump and ripe

Harvesting white strawberries

If you smell a good aroma, it's a sign of harvest! "Tokun" strawberries are harvested from January to May. Compared to other strawberries, "Tokun" has a softer skin and is cut with special scissors.

Ready-to-eat white strawberries lined up in a harvest box Ready-to-eat white strawberries lined up in a harvest box

White strawberry (Migaki strawberry)

Strawberries grown on the farm are branded as "MIGAKI-ICHIGO: The Jewel to Eat". White strawberries rich in vitamin C and polyphenols. Thanks to meticulous safety management, they can be enjoyed without washing in water to savor their fragrant and delicious flavor.

WHITE ICHIGO skincare cosmetics

Squeeze white strawberries, process and age the juice, and filter it to create white strawberry extract. This extract* is used in WHITE ICHIGO skincare cosmetics.
*Fragaria Chiloensis (Strawberry) Fruit Juice (skin conditioning ingredient)

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