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Alcohol-free wipe toner with 99% naturally derived ingredients for skin without dullness or stiffness

Gently exfoliates and supports turnover to enhance transparency
Skin cells are born in the basal layer of the epidermis and are gradually pushed up to the stratum corneum before shedding. When this rhythm is disrupted and old skin cells accumulate, it causes dryness, stiffness and dullness of the skin.
Jujube fruit extract keeps the skin healthy, and emollient ingredients gently wipe off old skin cells. It is hypoallergenic and does not exfoliate excessively due to its softening approach.

Brings a fresh moist skin with smooth and plump texture
With a fresh feel, micro-emulsion of squalane and raspberry seed oil penetrates into every corner of the stratum corneum, increasing moisture. With a non-alcoholic formula, it leaves the skin smooth without depriving it of moisture.

Booster effect
By clarifying the stratum corneum, and by penetrating into the stratum corneum with ingredients that have an affinity for both oil and water, it helps the skin absorb the following products better.

WHITE ICHIGO (White Strawberry) Organic Tech-Essence 120mL <Lotion>
WHITE ICHIGO Organic Tech-Essence <Lotion> How to use

<How to use> After washing your face in the morning and night, take a generous amount on a cotton pad and gently slide the cotton pad across the face. Gently pat the skin with the cotton pad and allow the moisture to blend into the skin.

WHITE ICHIGO skincare step

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White strawberry skincare brand with gentle and functional cosmetics to create new exciting experiences from Japanese culture and technologies for our global customers. Focusing on the blessings of nature, we carefully select skin-friendly functional ingredients. No mineral oil, artificial color, artificial aroma, nor paraben. A gentle natural scent of fresh fruity floral.

We manage white strawberry agriculture in an advanced eco-friendly farm. The white strawberry is slightly pink even when ripe, containing polyphenol and vitamin C. 



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