High-tech organic cosmetics from Japan, combining organic and high-tech ingredients based on white strawberries, for a pure, moist, and transparent skin.

Brightening Organic From Japan

High-tech organic cosmetics

Gentle and functional, based on natural ingredients, selecting carefully gentle and high-tech ingredients bringing the effects, feeling of use, and safety which can not be realized by natural ingredients only.  We manage all the process of white strawberry agriculture from raising seeding, cultivation, to harvest in an advanced farm.  No artificial color, artificial aroma, nor paraben.


The white strawberry, containing polyphenol and vitamin C, enhances brightness and transparency.  A holistic care with arbutin, hexapeptide-2, and prune.


The seed oil of raspberries supports ceramide and hyaluronic acid.  3 types of hyaluronic acid with different molecular mass(size of the particle) and property lock in moisture from the surface to deep inside the epidermis.

Skin with healthy barrier function with enough intercellular lipid.


No artificial color, artificial aroma, nor paraben.  Organic thyme and lavender restore smoothness and prevent roughness.

Grapefruit Bitter Orange Geranium Roman Chamomile Orange

Fresh and calming "natural aroma".  Blend of geranium, citrus, and chamomile with white strawberry.



Cream containing 90% beauty component changes into oil, relaxing the skin, to float away makeup and dirt, and to make penetrate beauty agents for a moist, plumped, transparent skin.  Soft capsules, melting, support massage effects.

Double-cleansing is not necessary. In the morning and night, apply it with dry hands.  Massage gently, so that the softened skin clearly and gently removes impurities, and beauty agents penetrate.  Then, massage with wet hands, and wash away using lukewarm water.


Fine and massive foam removes gently and clearly excess sebum and impurities from the pores.  After washing the foam away easily, the skin is moist and soft.  The beauty agents bring a clear natural skin.

Wet hand and take a generous amount on the palm. Add drops of lukewarm water and foam up generously.  Allow the foam to cover the skin for a gentle wash.  Use lukewarm water to wash away the foam.


Gently removes old skin cells and regulates turnover to enhance transparency.  Micro-emulsion formula brings a fresh moist skin with smooth and plump texture.  It helps the skin absorb the following products better.  Natural origin ingredient 99%.  Alcohol-free.

After washing your face, generously apply the lotion on a cotton pad.  Gently slide the cotton pad across the face.  Gently pat the skin with the cotton pad and allow the moisture to penetrate.


Gel cream richly formulated with beauty agents, which is not sticky, spreads easily to get quickly absorbed inside.  It locks in the beauty agents, like putting a cap on.  Retaining moisture from deep inside the epidermis, it leads to a poreless plump skin.

In the morning and night, take 4-5 pumps on the palm, after essence.  Place the cream evenly across the face.  Spread the cream over the entire face and towards the neck.


Spray-typed jelly mist, to restore your best skin instantly, changes oily skin to fresh skin, absorbing sebum and suppressing excessive secretion of sebum. Jelly forms a thin film on the skin, to help makeup adhere better to the skin, and to prevent makeup from coming off for a long time.  It shrinks pores by improving keratinization and darkened pores.

Anytime anywhere, spray on the skin and lightly pat it with the palm of your hand. Applicable on the makeup. For example, just before the morning base makeup, after liquid foundation for makeup coating effect, or when adjusting makeup in the daytime, etc…


Intense treatment during sleep to repair damage caused by UV and dryness.  Original gel formula with concentrated beauty agents, wrapping the skin, creates water way and fills the epidermis steadily, to lead to a fresh, bright, and firm skin.

At the end of night skincare.  Everyday use is possible.  Apply a cherry-sized amount and massage gently.  It penetrates steadily during your sleep.


Hand and nail care with unique texture change! Cream immediately penetrates like water for long-lasting pack effects.

Cornified layer Water-soluble beauty agents Beeswax Beauty liquid oil Beeswax repels water.  Even after washing hands, pack effects continue.

It packs dryness, darkness, wrinkles and roughness, to bring bright and beautiful hands and nails.  Natural origin ingredients 93%. Natural refreshing aroma of fresh fruity floral. In a cute box suitable for a gift.

Spread 1 or 2 pearls of cream over the entire hands.  Massage around nails with the thumb.

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